[Metal Halfy]

What's The Halfy?

The Halfy, that funny critter shown up above, is the One True Symbol Ov Mööism. It is simply a V with a dot between the forks. This is a runic letter "M" in Mööist Rünes. It is, however, far more than that.

The Halfy was created by the leader of MOOism, Half-Mad. Currently, Half-Mad is the only one who knows the full set of Mööist Rünes. A follower of MOOism, in the early daze, suggested that it be named after Half-Mad. The rest of the MOOists agreed to this (or at least nobody objected). As the name Halfy was the common abbreviated version of Half-Mad's name, the symbol became known as The Halfy. Half-Mad can be identified by the two Halfy's carved in to his back, and his automobile license plate number, HAF-MAD. His being a bald wookie only helps to find him in a crowd.

The Halfy is a symbol, and as such it resonates deeply within the human brain. As you probably know, Mööism is an attempt by the Alders of Han-Lugaj to restore the human mind to the pristine state developed by the global mind before the disintegrative influence of the W.O.M.B.A.T. Mind Control and Time Schism Systems came to Earth, over a hundred million years ago. The Halfy is a pictorial key to unlocking that state.

As you are no doubt aware, when the X-ist monitor craft came to Earth bearing the WOMBAT superdupercomputer and its associated Psychotropic Orbital Modules, a Zornite cyborg was smuggled aboard the saucer by the Zorn Presidium. It planted a schismoid, a nonbiological lifeform similar to the early Information-Age "virus", in the central core of the WOMBAT system. This splintered the main program, and left a carefully constructed loophole in each fragment. The result is that WOMBAT mind-control systems are unable to get a lock on a human brain which is focused on the symbol of the Halfy.

When Han-Lugaj, the worldmind, set out to restore Earth to its pristine pre-Xist state, it caused the Halfy to manifest in the minds of Earthian humans through a series of synchronicities. Using one human, known only as Yari, it formed the nucleus of Mööism. Using this so-called religion as a medium, it intends to place the symbol into wide circulation, shattering the X-ist mind-control grip on this planet, and securing our liberty for all time.

Death To WOMBAT!fnord

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