Some Pictures Ov MOOists

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Left to right: Half-Mad, The Hellhound >101<, Floyd Gecko. It should be noted that the Hellhound >101< is NOT a dwarf. In fact, he is about 6' tall. However, in this photo, his legs have been temporarily removed to the Mauve Room to commune with Cthulhu, causing him to appear stunted. Two seconds after this photo was taken, the legs returned, and Half-Mad's head exploded due to psychic vibrations from the astral plane caused by their re-entry into real space.

Kevin Vortex, about to resurrect from the dead. Kevin has been reconstituted and is about to breathe his first breath in his new incarnation. The MOOChrist is cranky and resentful about his reawakening, but this soon passes, sometimes after a minor apocalypse.

Other images have been lost over the ages. If anybody has MOOist related pictures, feel free to send them in.

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