If It Isn't A Religion Then What Is It?

A starfish, chopped into bits, will regenerate into dozens of starfish - so is a chopped up starfish one starfish, or fifty? The problem lies in trying to apply concepts of integer arithmetic to starfish, where they don't work. Anyway.
Asking whether MOOism is a religion, an art form, a game, or some sort of absurdist protest against the universe is like asking how many starfish. These semantic categories were invented to explain a series of phenomena - human behaviour. If we come across a phenomenon that breaks those semantic categories, the fault is not in IT, but in THEM.

Still, it has some of the characteristics of religion, some of Art, some of soap, and some of a game. It has, however, very few characteristics of a watermelon.

This message brought to you by the Illustrious Zoombart Thee Fifth, and edited for correctness and conformity with MOOist dogmas, catmas, and potatomas by the Association for Star-Bellied Sneetches.

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